You are clean now! At least as far as the urine drug test is concerned. What’s next? Staying clean? But how do you start?
At the ADIC Treatment Program (TP) people between the ages of 17 and 35 are given the chance to start a new chapter in their lives. A clean chapter, where during ten months’ time we work step by step towards a better future without losing sight of a person’s past.
People at the TP program are the type of people who, despite the severity of their drug use, are still capable of some self-reflection and are in touch with society. To be able to start the program, you need to at least have one person to support you during the entire program and your health insurance needs to be in order.

The ten months are divided into four main parts:

  • An ‘introductory phase’ of approximately one month in which you get acquainted with the TP house and all of its rules, agreements, habits and with your fellow resident
  • A treatment phase of three months where you will set your goals which you already determined in the previous phase more concretely. You will also get more and more time to try and implement your plans outside of the program. After this phase, you arrive at
  • The transitional phase of one month where you make the big change from living in a group to living in a studio apartment with the necessary support and under reduced supervision.
  • In the end, you arrive at residential phase of five months where you live, work and are monitored with the help of conversations with a mentor, counselling, alcohol tests and urine drug tests. 

The Treatment Program is, apart from a program focused on individual attention, first and foremost a group program. Training your skills, taking responsibility and reflecting on your actions all happens in group. Individual attention is given during conversations with a mentor and during counselling.

A lot of effort and willingness to take action is required to eventually become able to turn your life around. This turnaround consists of a process that makes reintegration in society a possibility again.
After 10 months, we wish you goodbye with the three most important goals of the Treatment Program achieved:
  • Staying clean
  • Living and working
  • Having a social network


Treatment Program
Venusstraat 11
2000 Antwerpen
Phone: 03 206 70 70
Mobile: 0473 36 45 55