Care Program


The Adic Care Program is an easily accessible, short-term crisis program created for drug abusers who are in urgent need of psychosocial and/or medical guidance.

The Care Program primarily focuses on people with an addiction who haven’t yet reached the point where they are ready to ask for change or therapy. Regaining stability, rest and control of their own life takes center stage. This means that with this target audience, the focus lies more on ‘caring for’ than on ‘treating’.
For a lot of these clients, a stay in the Care Program signifies a first encounter with the residential (drug) rehabilitation landscape. It might even be a first step towards further treatment or a motivation for behavioural change.

Secondly, the Care Program exists for drug abusers who are only looking for physical detoxification. Specifically, we are dealing with clients who:
  • have suffered a drug relapse after being treated successfully and who are now looking for a short stay to help them to get back on track. The damage is being contained by intervening quickly before the addiction spirals out of control.
  • have been suspended from the treatment they are following and are in need of a safe, drug free environment to bridge the gap. 
  • are only seeking physical detoxification because of personal or cultural beliefs. 

In third place, the program is aimed towards drug abusers who aren’t able to participate in a classic, group-oriented rehabilitation program because of the language barrier. For this target audience, a short stay with physical detoxification at the Care Program can mean the starting point for further ambulatory care.


During the stay, the primary focus is on mental and physical recovery and this is mostly approached in an individual manner. Treatment always follows after the patient’s request and at his or her own pace. If needed, the client is supported by surrogate or maintenance medication. All of this happens in a safe and drug free environment with the necessary medical and psychosocial support. 

The maximum period of each stay at the Care Program is 7 days. During their stay, clients can always rely on the support of a multidisciplinary team for medical care or psychosocial guidance. At the client’s request, we also help with the orientation towards a more specialised ambulatory or residential (drug) rehabilitation program. 


A stay at the Care Program is only possible when a professional care provider (street worker, general practitioner, social worker …) registers the client by telephone. During this registration, we will cover a few relevant domains by which we ultimately decide if the client in question can be admitted to the program. If the conversation shows that an admission is desirable, we try to submit the client to the program the very same day. An application by phone is possible every day of the week between 9 AM and 20 PM. Admissions take place from Monday until Friday and a stay lasts a maximum of 7 days. 


Care Program
Venusstraat 11
2000 Antwerpen
Phone: 03 206 70 74
Mobile: 0473 36 93 84