Detoxification Program for parents and their children


DP+ is a unique kind of treatment program within the Belgian addiction treatment landscape. DP stands for Detoxification Program and the + sign signifies that drug and alcohol abusing parents and their children can enrol in the program together. Although a lot of times both parents are addicted, only one of the parents can enrol in the program. This means no couples are allowed. It is of course possible for the other parent to enrol in a regular detox program.

DP+ is accessible/open to drug addicted mothers and fathers who are able to take care of their children on their own.
Apart from the detoxification, the program aims to help parents gain a short-term perspective on their problematic living circumstances, which we try to stabilize.  


During the day, the parents participate in an intense and structured program, while the children go to day care or kindergarten.

The program encompasses detoxification, screening, observation and referral. Apart from this, we work on the motivation of the drug or alcohol abusing parent and on the parent-child relationship.

The first step in this process consists of aiding the addicted parent with his or her physical withdrawal. The parent now experiences a life without drugs or alcohol and its advantages.

We also assist the parents in ameliorating the medical, psychological, social and administrative circumstances in which their family lives. During their stay, parents learn a lot about themselves, their children and the impact their addiction has on their children. Apart from this, a lot of attention is given to the parent-child relationship, the quality of the upbringing and the wellbeing of the child.

On top of this, we aim to guide and motivate the parent and his or her family so that they continue their treatment in a more advanced and specialised therapeutic setting. In this way, we try to give the parents the opportunity to work on their underlying issues of drug addiction so that reintegration in society can become a possibility again.



The length of a stay at DP+ is 8 to 10 weeks.
A stay is always preceded by an application by telephone and a minimum of 2 intake conversations with the applying parent. 


Venusstraat 11
2000 Antwerpen
Phone: 03 206 70 76 
Mobile: 0473 36 82 37